An Inflatable Puppet Dancer (Preorder)

Inflatable Arch

Sky Dancer (Preorder)

A Tension Fabric Backdrop

Tension Fabric Backdrop 3 meter (PTS-straight)

Tension Fabric Backdrop 3 meter (PTC-curve) Single side printing

Iron Truss System

(Outdoor) Iron Truss System 8x8 feet & 21x8 feet

(Outdoor) Iron Truss System 14x9.8 feet & 21x9.8 feet

(Indoor) Mini Truss System

(Indoor) 12 x 8 feet Mini Truss System

(Indoor) mini truss system 14 x 8 feet

Rollup series

Roll Up Stand (R60)

Roll Up Stand (R80)

Deluxe Rollup series

Deluxe Roll Up Stand (RX850)

Deluxe Roll Up Stand (RX150)

X - Stand Series

mini X stand (B21)

Wire X Stand (BCW)

Tripod T- Bar Stand

Bunting T-Bar Tripod Stand with 3 Section (BT1)

Bunting T-Bar (BT2)

Spring Pop Up Backdrop

Pop Up Mini Backdrop Curve (PUC mini)

Pop Up Backdrop Curve (PUC)

L Stand Series

SL2 (Single Panel)

SL2 (Double Panel)

Jumbo Banner Backdrop

Jumbo Banner (PJB)


Folding Panel Partition Board

Folding panel navy blue (fabric) PFF

Folding panel white board (PFW)

Backdrop PTR 8 x 10

PTR-1 2.4x2.4meter backdrop

PTR-2 6x3meter_backdrop

Square Tube Racking

PMR - table

Multi Rack (PMR)

Penguin Banner Stand

PenguinBunting Stand


Brochure Stand

A3 Table Brochure Stand (SBT)

Metal Brochure Stand (SBM)

Sampling Booth Table

PVC Sampling Booth (TPV81)

Aluminum Sampling Booth (TSB1)

Fixed Screen Standee

Fixed screen (STD)


A Board

A Board (STA)


Poster Stand Display

(SP-2) Poster Standee

poster A2 size standee (SPA2)

Queue Up Stand (SQ)


Lucky Draw Spinner


Wheel of Fortune Stand (SFW80)

Human Standee

Human Standee 3 (ST3)

Human Standee 2 (ST2)

SEG Light Box

SEG-1 collapsible light box

SEG-2 non- collapsible light box

Snap Frame Poster

Aluminum Snap Frame (SFA1)

Aluminum Snap Frame (SFA2)

LED Slim Light Box Display

Slim Light Box LBS A4 to A1

Crystal Light Frame A4_A3_A2_A1_A0 (LBC)

Beach Flag Banner

Flag Banners 3 Meter economic pack (SF3-E)

Flag Banners 3 Meter Stand (SF3 type A)

Carrying Bags & Cases

Canvas Bag (BSC)

Banner Tube (BNT)

Display Spotlights

(LLD-PTF) Spot Light LED for Tension Fabric System

(LLD-PMR) Spot-Light LED for Multi Rack System


Water tank round base (AWT)

Water Bag (AWB)

Celuka PVC Board Exhibition Supplies Foam Board Supplies


PVC Rigid Films/ Rubber Magnet


Printing Services


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